Heart Loves Art by Anne McManus – product photos

A couple of weeks ago I took some product photos of my friend Anne’s art collection.  Her work is for sale and it really is beautiful. I won’t try to do it justice by writing about it or trying to describe it. Each piece is unique. Each piece is so wonderful. I asked her to write a few lines to go along with her work which I have added to this blog post and here is her story.

Me myself I

Some people say only good art comes from war and destruction. Some artists would be insulted were their works described as beautiful- as if beauty was some minor and unimportant thing, as if beauty was cosmetic.
Although I painted and drew most of my life, I studied Fine Art after- on my parent’s advice got “a proper career that would support you”. So I had a job, kids in cots and all the accompanying responsibilities before I totally immersed myself in art school. And oh the joy- felt like I was on permanent holiday – discovering so much pleasure through the eyes. How wonderful to stop, drink in the colour, sound, fragrance, hone a sharpened awareness of my surrounded world and consciously appreciate it .


I wanted art to raise me up

I had no interest in painting the crap of life- I dealt with all that stress daily, swallowed it through newspapers and TV and radio, the ongoing trials of family, money, fatigue- no I wanted art to raise me up , make me feel energised and celebratory and lighthearted and joyous or even sad as a fleeting sunset but I wanted beauty. Otherwise, what is there in life? What are we struggling for? What are we trying to achieve? A beautiful life I would think. And in my work I want to reflect the beauty of life- the fun, the sorrow, the wonderful wonderfuls. If the viewer should even feel a smidgeon of that looking at my work – well then that would be beautiful.


Heart Loves Art   2A5A1067 2A5A1069-2 2A5A1069 2A5A1071-2 2A5A1071 2A5A1072-2 2A5A1072 2A5A1073-2 2A5A1073 2A5A1074-2 2A5A1074 2A5A1077-2 2A5A1077 2A5A1080-2 2A5A1080Anne’s Facebook page is called Heart Loves Art.  Click here to visit and to visit her website and make contact with Anne click here.